7 Proven Keys to Securing Your IoT Integrated Environment

In a recent study in 2016, Gartner estimates that 6.4 billion connected devices will be used by companies worldwide. By 2020, it will top 20 billion. The increasing use of IoT devices in our corporate networks brings the promise of unparalleled coordination and productivity.  But it also brings the promise of multiplied threat vectors and vulnerabilities. 

Companies must react to this changing environment. The old methods of data protection relied on defensible perimeters around large, corporate data centers. More companies, however, are adopting mobile, IoT, and cloud technologies that live outside the data center.  The perimeter is now becoming a thing of the past.

Below are seven strategies to help equip the enterprise business meet the challenges of the current (and future) technology landscape. This, by no means, is exhaustive. Rather, they are stepping stones to create a defense-in-depth model as you secure your sensitive data.

The First Thing to Realize: There is No Perimeter

Back in 2014, Google laid the groundwork for looking at data protection in a whole new way with BeyondCorp, their internal data security initiative, co-authored by Rory Ward and Betsy Beyer. Here is part of their opening statement:

The perimeter security model works well enough when all employees work exclusively in buildings owned by an …

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