5 Ways Big data Analytics Can Help Your eCommerce Business

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The words ‘Big data’ are thrown around a lot these days, but there is no definition that is universally accepted. The best definition of Big data comes from analyst Doug Laney, who said in 2001 that Big data is defined by ‘The 3Vs’ – including velocity, variety and volume. This means that Big data is a large amount of content that is varied and being produced quickly. Here are five ways that Big data analytics can help your online company.

1. Examine Google Trends

Big data analytics can help your business by giving you an opportunity to examine trends on Google. Trend data shows you what kind of terms and keywords have been searched, where they were searched and who they were searched by. “This information helps you see what the public is interested in, and allows you to adapt to that specific market. Trends can also help you decide the best direction for your website”, – says Jane Reed, Operation Manager at Paper Fellows.

2. Prevent Fraud

Through the analysis of large data sets, you can identify where different kinds of fraud are most prevalent. For instance, you can find out what states or what countries that credit card fraud is most common, or where …

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