4 Ways Big Data Can Boost Real Estate Business

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Data collection has changed industries across the board so dramatically that many past models for how to run a business have turned obsolete. We have brand-new information at our fingeripts that changes the way companies are run, and real estate firms are no exception.

Every day, we can amass new information about properties, finances, client interactions, market performance, risks, and other details that help investors, agents, loan officers, buyers, and sellers to make better informed decisions.

Big data especially influences big decisions. Since the choice to purchase a home or start a business is one of the biggest moves a person can make, the data on which you base it should be accurate and shareable.

Key data influencers in the realty sector include:

1. Data shows the importance of using technology to sell a home

Thanks to the real-time data that’s been collected, we know that 89 percent of buyers use online tools as they search for their dream home. This information shows Realtors how critical it can be to use websites, listing services, social media, digital advertising, apps, and other technological tools to sell a home.

In addition, technology within the property influences your ability to sell it. According to research from Coldwell Banker, about …

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