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10 Tips to Troubleshoot Security Concerns in IoT Wearables

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From smartwatches to glasses and finger rings – the range of wearable devices are steadily expanding. Combined with the might of Internet of Things, wearable devices have a life transforming effect. While it is fancy and often productive to carry these wearables around, the billion dollar question is, “How safe are these wearables?”

What if your favourite wearable is just another door that hackers and cybercriminals can break into to make away with the control of your personal and professional life?

Security concerns in wearables are legitimate. A study by Auth0 has confirmed that more than 52% of wearable device users feel that they are provided with inadequate security measures.

VTech, a popular brand that sells wearable for kids suffered a security breach which resulted in the leakage of private information of more than 200,000 children and their parents.

There is no better time to sit back and analyze the security concerns and the ways to negate them, right now, in the present.

Security Concerns in IoT Wearables

Wearables are now being used for purposes that go far beyond calorie counting and fitness tracking. They are now even part of BYOD enterprise work philosophy and are used by remote employees to constantly collaborate and communicate with their peers. Though considered futuristic, the IoT …

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