Why You Should Set Up a Big Data Environment Before Seeking AI

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The past decade has seen major strides in the IT industry with cloud computing, blockchain and big data emerging as successful trendsetters for more innovation. According to a study led by EMC and Cap Gemini, 65% of big companies have estimated that they run the risk of becoming obsolete if they do not adopt adequate Big Data analytics solutions to support their modern data platform. IDC further brings to the fore predictions that suggest Big Data annual spending will reach $48.6 billion in 2019. With big data initiatives taking centre stage, organisations are keen at leveraging the agility of big data processes in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to speed up the delivery of business value.

How big data fits in the whole scheme of seeking artificial intelligence

With organisations grappling with hordes of data while managing their legacy IT processes, customer relationships, business intelligence, sales forecasting, logistics and so on, big data analytics is presenting itself with opportunities to work with massive data sets that offer value beyond that of just sample sets. That being said, the data storage industry is looking at newer ways of leveraging the power of huge data sets that are now readily available. And one …

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