Why Modern Marketers Also Need to Be Data Doctors?

Over the years, marketing in the B2B sector has come a long way, especially when it comes to personalisation and hyper-relevant communication. Although personalisation tools have been at marketers’ disposal [ … ]

Why the Organisation of the Tomorrow is a Data Organisation

The fast-changing, uncertain and ambiguous environments that organisations operate in today, requires organisations to re-think all their internal business processes and customer touch points. In addition, due to the availability [ … ]

How Artificial Intelligence Delivering a Personalized Content Experience

Artifical Intelligence is driving our efforts toward delivering a personalized content experience. Experience is the biggest enterprise disruption in 60 years. Experience is not some academic or grandiose idea.  Your [ … ]

How Big Data will Influence the Future of Business

For centuries now, the foundation of the commercial business enterprise is accessibility to data and information. The new world of business generates colossal amounts of data where technology has devised [ … ]

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