Face Detection with Intel® Distribution for Python*

This advertorial is sponsored by Intel®. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to solve a wide range of problems, including those related to computer vision, such as image recognition, object [ … ]

How Blockchain is Reinventing the RegTech Market

Regulation Technology (RegTech) is one of the fastest growing sectors of the software and technology industry for good reason. Banks, private equity, hedge funds, and other financial institutions are often [ … ]

Can AI Fight Fake Content?

Fake content is a big problem. It’s not just fake news — it’s fake websites, social media profiles, and ads. There are plenty of uses for this stuff, ranging from [ … ]

New Book: The Culture of Surveillance: Watching as a Way of Life

Announcement New Publication By David Lyon, Polity Press, March 2018 From 9/11 to the Snowden leaks, stories about surveillance increasingly dominate the headlines. But security and police agencies or internet [ … ]

Cambridge Analytica shows the perils of ‘voter analytics’ industry

Activism New Publication By Colin Bennett, Opinion, iPolitics, March 21, 2018 Recent revelations about the practices of the British company, Cambridge Analytica (CA), raise a larger set of questions about [ … ]

Facebook’s data scandal highlights risks of Canada’s weak internet sovereignty

Activism New Publication By Andrew Clement, Contributed to The Globe and Mail, March 25, 2018 Canadians are rightfully troubled by recent news of Cambridge Analytica’s abuse of Facebook data for [ … ]

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