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Whenever the business world adopts a norm of the technical field, it must brace itself for the forthcoming of an inevitable wave of cyber-attacks. Hackers and fraudsters find new techniques and target such firms which embrace new and successful strategies to protect them from any vulnerability.

It takes years of extensive research and months of complex coding to design a system that successfully protects data and ensures that the network stays secure. This pattern is observed over the years as with the shift of preference towards small-screen devices and the cloud-based infrastructure.

The latest development in such trends is the acceptance of third-party apps by organizations for essential operations. Now, since cloud advancements have escalated, organizations prefer to find a business with cloud-based providers. This has resulted in making the network far more complex and dense.

William Evanina, the Director of National Counter Intelligence and security announced that;

Not only that enterprise is relying on third-parties suppliers, but these suppliers are also entrusted with the access to sensitive information, data and mission-critical systems. Before we move on any further let’s understand what these apps are?

What Are Third-Party Apps?

A third-party application is created by a developer who is a specific product for open source or …

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