Why Security Intelligence Is Going High-Tech

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President Trump’s security detail now includes flying drones. It’s not just heads of state that are seeing technological advances change the way we look at security, though.The entire industry is in the midst of a revolution, thanks to a perfect storm of new technologies that will define next-generation security and surveillance.

Science-fiction buffs are quick to point out where a given book, show or movie may have predicted the future.For example, consider the tablet devices we see in Star Trek or the creation of cyberspace in William Gibson’s 1984 novel Neuromancer. Now we get to see a new generation of ideas once only imagined or viewed on the silver screen come to life. Here’s a look at some of the definitive technologies for next-generation security.

Artificial Intelligence

Speaking of science fiction, here’s a term you’ll recognize from the genre. AI has been characterized as the single greatest leap forward in human technology, but also the potential undoing of human existence. Today’s tech companies don’t seem frightened, though.

They are doing everything possible to learn more about how to build an artificial version of the human brain, capable of learning based on its experiences. In a security application, such a technology could strategically identify vulnerabilities in …

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