Why is Big Data Security so Difficult?

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More and more data is collected and stored today than ever before, making big data a solution to just about every industry’s needs. Customers and clients want solutions and options catered perfectly to their needs before they even know they need it. Silos of data store personal information that allows companies and businesses to personalise interactions and shopping experiences for every individual. But with this great reaping of data comes the difficulty of protecting that personal information. Just as companies are becoming smarter and innovating their collection and analysis of big data, hackers are also becoming smarter and innovating their attacks on sensitive and expensive information attacking computer servers easily.

From Target to Home Depot and JPMorgan Chase, big named companies have been hit by hackers, but that doesn’t mean smaller companies that also hold your personal information aren’t susceptible. In fact, they are sometimes more prey as they don’t often have the budget to invest in top-notch integrated security solutions. These silos of data that companies store are a goldmine for cybercriminals. Data breaches on companies that collect and store big data are becoming more common and aren’t going away anytime soon.

But protecting big data isn’t just a matter of …

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