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The digital transformation has become such an important part of organizational culture today that it is extremely easy for stakeholders to forget what it actually means. The fact that this term has been thrown around quite a lot recently has meant that we now have a disparity in what stakeholders perceive about this term and the actual meaning that it carries. 

This disparity in perception and the actual progress is concerning. C-level executives believe that they have made solid progress towards digital implementation, but the reality is often starkly different. Here, we shed some light onto the digital transformation, and how C-level executives should be on the same page as everyone else in identifying the progress made towards a data-oriented future for their organization. 

I am really excited to let you know that this article has been written in partnership with Tata Communications based on their ‘Cycle of Progress in Digital Transformation’ research. 

Understanding the Perception vs. Reality Gap 

While many businesses in this day and age have taken up the steps to implement AI within their organization, there is still a significant disparity with the level of progress C-level executives believe they have made in this area versus reality.

To begin their research, Tata Communications interviewed stakeholders …

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