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Driverless cars are an exciting alternative to the modern day domestic vehicle. The future of transport is set to be ever more interesting by the year with many wondering about what the next big thing in futuristic transport will be? One of the main innovations that has everyone talking is the driverless car, how it functions, how it knows and how it learns?

In Michigan, there has been a custom-made town created to enable driverless vehicles the opportunity to test and develop their driver skills. The test site is called ‘Mcity’ and it sits just outside of Ann Arbor. It was created to challenge driverless cars and put the technology and abilities of the cars to the test. Mcity opened in July 2015, cost over $10 million to make and was built on land owned by the University of Michigan.

Mcity has an extensive list of industry partners and affiliates who invest and utilise the town for testing purposes, this includes car manufacturers such a Honda, Toyota, Ford, and BMW. Ford motor car announced that is was the first to use the Mcity facility.

Mcity is the first controlled environment that was specifically designed to test potential automated and driverless cars, it boasts …

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