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Data science, is it a piece of cake? A data scientist is still deemed as the sexiest job of the 21st century. Though the profession had been ranked on the top of the job lists three years in a row, the deficit for such professionals is on a constant rise.

As estimated by the European Commission, it is projected that 100,000 new data jobs will be available by 2020. While the truth still prevails, will there be enough supply for data science professionals? The organizations now have awakened to the fear that the demand will outpace the supply. With businesses on the rise, it is evident that data science has the potential to drive organizations to a different level altogether. IBM projects that the data science jobs will account 28% of all other digital jobs by 2020. On another report, it is stated that on an average, most of the unfilled data science jobs remained vacant for nearly 45 days, since those who were applying for the job role do not have the relevant skills to become a data science professional.

Over the past years, technology skills such as machine learning, big data, and data science have given birth to plenty of …

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