What is the Impact of Big Data on Mobile Marketing

Every business in one way or the other has access to data corresponding to their customers, competition, and market. Naturally, to stand out from other businesses and to ensure competitive advantage they need insights from other areas.

A customer is equally a social person with a set of habits, preferences, constraints and empathy. So, the business specific data about the customer concerning his buying habits, economy or demographic category just fail to present the person in totality. These days, businesses are finding it extremely necessary to grab hold of these multi-faceted data about their customers for better marketing output and decision making. Big Data analytics that converges across huge volumes of digital data from all niches and walks of life allows them this exposure. Thanks to Big Data businesses now can grab crucial business insights that so-called business analytics of earlier time were not capable of delivering.

Mobile data to feed Mobile Marketing

What is the biggest source of digital data today? We all know it is mobile. Yes, the web is now accessed principally through mobile devices. A vast majority of digital interactions is starting from web browsing to social media interactions to using a wide range of apps for a variety …

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