What is Federated SSO and How is it Different from SSO?

Federated SSO and SSO may look similar to many people. Cannot blame them as users are only able to see the upper crust of the processes. They need to login with their credentials and enjoys different applications or multiple systems without even repeating the login process.” It’s a snap! But originally, both techniques work differently. So, do you want to know how federated SSO is different from SSO? And if you are perplexed about federated SSO or your organization is struggling to make their choice between federated SSO and SSO? The article will help to offer you an insight about federated SSO and state that how SSO and federated SSO are on a quite different page. Please read on.

What is federated SSO?

To understand, federated SSO, you need to understand federation. Federation is a relationship which is maintained between organizations. User from each organization gets access across each other’s web properties. Hence, federated SSO provides an authentication token to the user which is trusted across organizations. So, user does not need to create a different account for every organization in federation to access web properties and applications.

Note:-  use of SAML is common in federation protocols.

How does Federated SSO work?

Let us start with …

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