What Are The Potential Dangers Of Quantum Computing?

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The development of quantum computers may create serious cyber-security threats. The NSA has recently released statements expressing their concern over the potential of quantum computing to foil the cryptography protecting all data to date. Furthermore, the use of quantum computers may become widespread before many people expect.

What Are The Potential Dangers Of Quantum Computing?

A powerful quantum computer could crack the cryptographic algorithms that keep our data safe. While managed detection and response services are highly effective at keeping today’s data safe, these services wouldn’t be able to protect data from a quantum computer. Quantum computers could even break the algorithms that are used by New York’s stock exchange. This could lead to the collapse of the stock market.

How Do Quantum Computers Work?

Quantum computers use quarks as bits (qubits) rather than bits made of silicon. The device’s bits are the smallest particles in the universe, and this will make it possible for quantum computers to have a larger number of bits than conventional devices.

Quantum computers could have drives that contain hundreds of millions of terabytes or more. It’s even possible that mobile devices could be this powerful!

Also, quantum computers use a code that is different than binary code. In fact, quarks …

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