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Of course, everyone has probably heard or read about the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on cloud hosting. It is the next connectivity era, where homes, cars, manufacturing plants, cars, and wearable devices will become connected and power the future generations. Recent research estimates that there will be multiple billions of connected devices by 2020, and IoT will add a lot of value in the global economy through efficiency in management services, installation costs, software, and hardware. Of course, all these connected devices mean creation and travel of more data sets across the IoT. The following are ways IoT will evolve to support all this data.

IoT needs the Cloud, and the Cloud will Power the IoT

Everyone is probably aware of all benefits that the cloud brings such as helping market new products faster than ever and encouraging continuous innovation. The growth of the cloud goes in handy with the growth of computing technology to allow all devices, networks, and storage facilities to become affordable and more accessible through the cloud.

Tech experts are witnessing the explosion of innovation for services and products powered by the Internet of Things. Electronic health devices that monitor patient’s health such as personal fitness …

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