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Big data is changing the way we live, think and work. Almost nobody disputes this. Some of the world’s largest brands depend on big data, such as Google, which processes over 3.5 billion search queries every day. However, some experts believe many of the predictions on the future of big data have become too outlandish.

Several TEDTalks have shed some light on the problems that big data has created. They also discuss some of the beneficial applications, while also highlighting the limitations. Here is an overview of some of these TEDTalks.

“The era of blind faith in big data must end” – Cathy O’Neil

In April, mathematician Cathy O’Neil posted this TEDTalk at an official Ted conference. She mentions that big data has touched every facet of our lives. Financial institutions rely on big data to determine who qualifies for loans. Insurance actuaries use big data to set premiums, as well as approve or deny coverage applications. Employers use big data to make hiring decisions.

O’Neill shared some important anecdotes to illustrate her point. She mentioned that a media outlet got the names and test scores of all teachers in New York. They published the results to shame poor performing teachers but were unable to give any …

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