This Is Why We Need To Regulate AI

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It’s time we start talking about AI regulation.

As the technology progresses at a rapid pace, it is a critical time for governments and policymakers to think about how we can safeguard the effects of Artificial Intelligence on a social, economic and political scale. Artificial Intelligence is not inherently good or bad, but the way we use it could well be one or the other.

Unfortunately, there has been little attention paid by such governing bodies as yet regarding the impact of this technology. We’re going to see huge changes to employment, privacy, and arms to name a few, that if managed incorrectly or not at all, could spell disaster. Handled correctly, with forwarding planning and proper regulation, the technology has the potential to better the future of our societies. 

Elon Musk’s warnings have made headlines in recent months, as he urges the regulation of AI to be proactive rather than reactive for fears the latter would be much too late.  Whether you’re in the Musk or Zuckerberg camp, it’s undeniable that we need to consider all outcomes for society. 

It’s been a year since giants in the field of deep learning, Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft, announced the launch of non-profit Partnership …

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