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On March 18, 2019, I was notified by the University of Technology Sydney that I had officially completed my PhD (yay!). As a result, I now hold a PhD in management. During my PhD, I researched how emerging information technologies such as big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence, challenge organisation design and strategic management, and bring the role of data in organising to the fore.

Big data analytics empower consumers and employees, resulting in open strategy and a better understanding of the changing environment. Blockchain enables peer-to-peer collaboration and trustless interactions. And, AI facilitates new and different levels of involvement among human and artificial actors.

From these interactions and responses, new modes of organising are emerging, where technology facilitates collaboration between stakeholders and where human-to-human interactions are increasingly replaced with human-to-machine and even machine-to-machine interactions.

My New Book: The Organisation of Tomorrow

As a result, emerging technologies change organisations as we know them. Organisations that want to remain competitive in this changing environment need to anticipate shifting behaviours of stakeholders and technologies. To help organisations address the challenges of the exponential times we live in, I turned my PhD dissertation into an easy-to-read and digest management book.

This book offers organisations a blueprint for …

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