The Most Important Step Toward Ethical Analytics: Intentionality

Lately, I’ve had a lot of conversations with clients about the intersection of ethics and analytics. I’ve also been presenting on the topic at a number of conferences. The interest in ethics has exploded recently, driven in large part by the rise of artificial intelligence. One common question I get is what my top tip would be for a company to get started in becoming a leader in analytical ethics. I’ll discuss my answer in this post: intentionality.

Why Is Intentionality So Important?

The reality is that most companies haven’t historically had any formal programs and policies around ethics and analytics. There are certainly some hot spots, such as the privacy considerations surrounding sensitive personal data. But, ethics as an overarching theme simply hasn’t been a focus or a priority. Rather, individual people or teams are left on their own to do what’s right. This leads to spotty results and myriad risk points.

Being intentional about ethical analytics is critical specifically because it isn’t something that has been given priority in the past. People just aren’t used to thinking about ethics on a daily basis and formally addressing it in their ongoing analytics work. Like with any new habit formation, it takes attention …

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