The Impact of Big Data on Social Media

Everything we do can be tracked online from making a purchase viewing products. This is because social media plays a major role in this action. Popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram record millions of chat streams, likes, and tweets on a daily basis. The result of this action is a large amount of information that can give companies a keen look into the minds of their clients. The trick is putting that information into good use.

The Social Challenge

Most of the information contained by companies is structured. This means that the can use it immediately. Things like details got from transactional data, reward cards, and the consumers’ details provide when the account is set up on the shopping e-commerce websites.

On the contrary, social media data is always unstructured. Activities such as watching an advertisement on YouTube, liking a page on Facebook, chatting with a consumer company representative, or downloading free applications generate a large amount of digital information.

When information is filed away from the company databases, its usefulness such as social media conversations is less relevant to the company. Firms need to filter that data to cut through the charter and find the right data. For instance, the necessary information …

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