The Future of Content Marketing Infused With Big Data Analysis

According to IBM, the world collectively creates each day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, and 90% of the existing data has been produced over the last two years alone. Big Data is the sheer enormity of information that users generate every second of every day, both online and offline. Big Data can be any type of data, including but not limited to:

Sensor data
Text / audio / images
GPS signals
Transactional information

An effective Big Data system is able to collect, analyze, and manage these data for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. It is also incredibly handy for content creation. Big data enables the manipulation of information to uncover a variety of social dynamics, the possibilities to are endless.

The creation of content culled from research has multiple benefits for companies’ content marketing. Interesting data transforms intro interesting content for a blog, website, or social media page. Companies can come to learn their audience by tracking what, how, and when they are making consumer decisions.

Using Big Data for effective distribution of content

With some creativity and a good content marketing strategy, a business can use this information to their advantage. This can be materialized through promotional campaigns directed at a precise …

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