The Future of Big Data in Australia

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“Big Data” is one of those words that seems to be everywhere at the moment, used by everyone from Data Scientists to Branding Analysts. Yet, until now, it has remained merely a buzzword for many companies.

It seems, though, that things are changing in Australia. Recent research has found that Australian companies are spending more than ever before on Big Data systems and research, and that this stream of investment is projected to continue.

This is a welcome development, of course. Implementing Big Data systems is now easier and cheaper than ever before, and can bring great benefits to any enterprise that takes it seriously. Even small companies are embracing its power, and it is making itself felt in many industries that were previously sceptical about it.

The Growth of Big Data

New research by Telsyte suggests that Big Data is going from strength to strength in Australia. Conducted in the early part of 2017, as part of this research Telsyte talked to a huge range of companies in order to ascertain their attitude toward Big Data, and whether they would be investing more in this area in the future.

The results were striking. 83% of the Australian CIOs that Telsyte spoke to are planning …

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