The Digital Transformation of Healthcare, and What It Means for You

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Medical care has come a long way in the last hundred years. Where once we had a system that required doctors to travel far and wide to respond to house calls in which they would ultimately offer medical treatment and consultation that is rudimentary by today’s standards, we now have an industry that is becoming increasingly high tech. Particularly in recent years, digitalization in the medical field has created unprecedented levels of precision and connectivity. Let’s take a look at some recent tech-based innovations in the medical industry and consider how these developments have impacted the experience of patients.


Running a hospital, clinic or dental office involves managing massive amounts of information. As medical professionals have incorporated technology into this process by digitizing records and analytics processes, they have decreased the chances of human error in recordkeeping, billing and even things like diagnostic work. Digitalization has also made it easier for medical personnel to navigate through information, in its many forms. Ultimately, the use of technology has meant greater convenience, reliability and timeliness for patients in accessing their medical records and billing information, which in turn has simplified their healthcare experience. More importantly, it has given doctors greater access to a …

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