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Being a mobile app developer is exciting, but it’s a career path that requires constant attention to data privacy. Ongoing data breaches continually make people worried about where their information goes and what happens to it.

Some of them ponder whether it’s worth downloading apps at all if they could compromise privacy.

Having an awareness of these risks helps app developers tackle those challenges head-on and minimize them both during and after an application’s creation.

These are some of the most important ones to be aware of.

1. Vulnerabilities in Source Code

News of the data breach associated with the Uber app reminded people that even companies that invest heavily in their apps are not immune to security issues.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that a multitude of vulnerabilities can exist in the source code of an app, but many developers overlook them and instead choose to focus on securing their respective networks.

Encrypting an app’s source code is one way to limit infiltration. However, developers should also create agile code that remains secure even when used on various operating systems. Frequent source code scanning is another proactive measure to take.

2. Insufficient Security Training

Although app developers may have the most up-to-date knowledge building apps …

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