The Big Data Startup That’s Disrupting the Industry

Big data has been completely disrupting the way we do business as a society for the last several years. Like many things that disrupt business as we know it, big data has also become mainstream recently—every company wants to leverage its power, and for good reason. Now that the industry is growing in popularity, however, some of its limitations are becoming apparent. Some startups are working to fix inherent problems within the industry and evolve the available technology to make big data even more valuable to companies in every industry. One of the biggest problems in big data today is analysis: it’s easy to collect and store data, but figuring out how to analyze and use it can be a major challenge. Taking on that challenge is Neo Technology’s mission—they’re ready to bring easy big data analysis to any company that wants it.

The Challenges of Big Data

Once the ability to collect, store and analyze large datasets efficiently became available, companies with large budgets began assembling data analytics teams and giant databases. These teams were made up of curious coders who were tasked with finding relevant answers to these companies’ biggest questions about customer behavior, efficiency, and many other queries, …

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