Provincial Health Services Authority

An applicant requested BC Emergency Health Services (“BCEHS”) provide her with a transcript, including the name and phone number of an individual who called 911 from the scene of an accident in which the applicant was seriously injured. BCEHS provided the applicant with a transcript of the call, but withheld personal information including the caller’s name and phone number because it believed disclosure would be an unreasonable invasion of third party personal privacy (s. 22 of FIPPA). The applicant was not satisfied with BCEHS’ response and asked the Commissioner to conduct an inquiry. BCEHS requested the Commissioner exercise her discretion under s. 56 of FIPPA to not hold an inquiry. The adjudicator found that it was not plain and obvious that disclosure of the third party’s personal information would be an unreasonable invasion of their personal privacy under s. 22; therefore, BCEHS’s request that an inquiry not be held was denied.