Privacy by Design Solutions for Biometric One-to-Many Identification Systems

In this paper, we apply a Privacy by Design approach to exploring new ideas and solutions that can lead to deployment of privacy-protective and secure biometric one-to-many systems. We showed that new advances in Biometric Encryption (BE) can be complemented with other innovative solutions, such as Cryptographically Secure Biometric Architectures and Biometric Setbase/Weak Links. We presented a case study of the first BE application using facial recognition in a watch list scenario at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. We proposed a cryptographically secure architecture for a one-to-many system using Blum-Goldwasser cryptosystem.

In our opinion, these solutions can be combined with each other in the application specific context in order to create a one-to-many system that addresses privacy, security and functionality issues, all the hallmarks of a Privacy by Design approach.

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