Overcoming the Security Issues of BYOD Offices

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The idea of being able to work with your own devices is very appealing to employees across the globe. People have favorite brands, platforms, designs, and personal tastes that all go into what kind of computer, tablet, and phone they buy. Yet, it’s likely they have to work with technology that doesn’t match with their preferences in their workplace. People who love Macs have to learn PCs and vice versa. People might have to use a company phone that is an Android when they prefer an iPhone.

People want to be able to use their own devices in the workplace and allowing employees to do so benefits business owners too. For every employee who brings their own laptop or phone, that’s one less expense the company needs to cover. The biggest obstacle facing bring your own device offices, though, is security.

Security Threats in Your Office

A big part of keeping your business secure is understanding how malware spreads in an office. With this information, you can instate procedures and security software to prevent that spread.

One of the most popular tools in spreading malware is emails, and nearly every workplace relies heavily on email to function. Most malware is disguised as an attachment …

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