Ontario Taking Action to Protect Patient Privacy and Improve Transparency

“Patients and their families play an important role when it comes to improving the quality of care in Ontario. They expect to be respected, heard and informed, especially during reviews of critical incidents that have directly affected them. Ontario’s decision to carry out the recommendations of the QCIPA Review Panel is a significant step towards creating a healthcare system that is accountable, transparent and delivers the highest quality care.”

Angela Morin

Co-chair, QCIPA Review Committee and Patient and Family Advisor at Kingston General Hospital;

“I applaud the government’s decision to accept the QCIPA Review Panel’s recommendations. This will help promote a culture of continuous improvement in health care facilities across the province, and will better inform patients and their families who have been affected by critical incidents.”

Andreas Laupacis

Co-chair, QCIPA Review Committee and Executive Director of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael’s Hospital

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