Now is the Best Time to Start a Cloud Career

A quick look at any employment-based social networking site is enough to tell that you cloud computing skills are more valuable to employers today than ever before. Some people have gone so far as to say that many companies are in crisis-mode since they can’t find people who have the skills they need. Many firms transitioned to cloud-based software deployment models without hiring sufficient numbers of people trained to maintain these kinds of environments.

If you’ve ever thought about starting a career in cloud computing, then now is the time. A few skills top the list of things employers are on the lookout for, so anyone who is looking to get into a training program will want to keep these in mind.

Skills Related to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Browse through the classifieds section of any online tech publication and you’re likely to find a number of companies that are looking to hire an AWS solutions architect. Staffers who fill this role are expected to have an intimate understanding of the AWS platform as well as good design principles.

Responsibilities of cloud architects who fill these positions may include any of the following:

Statistical analysis
Data mining
Distributed computing
Web & UI design
Software integration
Middleware configuration
Storage optimization
Database maintenance

While this might …

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