New Business Models on the Intersection of IoT, AI and Blockchain

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The dream of making money with IoT, AI and Blockchain

Have you ever thought about how could you make money with the Internet of Things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) and of course with Blockchain?  What would happen if you could use the three of them in a new business model?  Apparently, Success, Success and Success.

In the next sections, I provide information on some business models achieved with these three technologies.

IoT Business Models

As IoT moves past its infancy, certain trends and economic realities are becoming clear. Perhaps the most significant of those is the realisation that traditional hardware business models just don’t work with the Internet of Things. Take a look at “The top 5 most successful IoT business models” that have emerged as particularly useful applications for IoT.

If any of you is building an IoT product, this article ” IoT Business Models For Monetizing Your IoT Product”  shows how to make money with the Internet of Things.

Zack Supalla, the founder and CEO of Particle, an Internet of Things (IoT) startup, suggest “6 ways to make money in IoT”.

Finally, in “How IoT is Spawning Better Business Models” we can read three ways companies like Rolls Royce, Peloton, MTailor or STYR Lab …

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