MWC18: Trapped in the Groundhog Loop

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One of my LinkedIn contacts suggested me last year not to write more articles about the Mobile World Congress (MWC). However, a couple of weeks ago I was talking with another contact who did not attend this year who told me he was expecting my article. So here it is, my fourth MWC article in a row since 2015. Am I an MWC addict?

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Unfortunately, the Powerful GSMA rejected my ticket request as Analyst / Press (LinkedIn please help me next year) and, of course, I did not pay the prohibitive prices of Silver Pass, Gold Pass and Platinum Pass. In the end, conference sessions content is very generic, and I can read the content for free. I cannot justify the ROI to pay these tickets. Can you?

Avoiding the political issues between Catalonia and Spain, it was the first MWC where the snow was probably the biggest surprise of the show. The snow and the rain did not allow visitors to spend some time outside. A pain.

I do not know the final numbers, but I noticed …

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