Just How Big Can Big Data Get?

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At the most significant point of its history, the Ancient Library of Alexandria may have held 500,000 papyrus scrolls, thereby making it a collection of information on par with the data that makes up today’s “visible web.”

This magnificent library suffered a series of fires until its final and complete destruction around 642 AD; at that time, the loss of all those scrolls was as catastrophic as wiping out half of all the servers connected to the internet these days.

It is nearly impossible to imagine how much larger the Library of Alexandria could have grown had it been spared from destruction. Certainly, at some point it would have required physical expansion as well as cataloguing and archiving systems to hold and manage millions of scrolls; t a great extent, this is one of the challenges faced by information technology experts these days as they tackle the issue of Big Data and its constant expansion.

When Big Data Gets Too Big and Cumbersome

With the monumental growth and development that Big Data has experienced in the 21st century, we probably have all the information we need in the enterprise world; even if we consider that more data is needed for future applications, we certainly …

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