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In this fast-moving world we live in our lives revolve around technology, whether at home, in the workplace, or in general life, we use technology religiously to get through the day. But how much of it is wearable now and how much will be wearable in the future?

Currently, we are wearing headphones/earphones that are attached or not attached to our mobiles; we are wearing hoodies, tops and jackets with fixed earphones and baseball caps with headphones. Our watches are smart and record everything from time and distance to weight, cholesterol, heart rate and steps taken. Some watches link directly to our mobile devices making and receiving calls and messages plus they access the internet.

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We are trialling sunglasses and reading glasses that are intelligent through the retina; they offer vision directly to the internet. The retina is already in use with certain mobile phones to gain access to the phone’s bank memory. Equally, fingerprint recognition is almost standard across all high-end smartphones and tablets these days.

We wear wristbands and armbands (fitness trackers) that track our health for pharmaceutical research purpose, or just to help with our own personal fitness regimes. Runners have smart trainers/sneakers that …

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