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Web development is an ever-changing landscape. There are new tools and technologies made available every few years in order to churn out some of the best dynamic websites. With the increasing number of tools and technologies, the developers are offered more tools to work with and make the websites even better. But the developers also face the dilemma of which technology to make use of and when to use it.

Every website is different. With every new website to develop, the developers are faced with challenges as every website has its own requirements, be it the design, the working or the overall idea of how to build that design. With changing requirements, developers need to be sure of which application to use and in which situation. Out of all the other options, PHP and Node.js are two of the most favourable options for building a modern website. But the difficult task is choosing the one that suits better.

While PHP is an older scripting language designed to build, Node.js is a recently designed environment for building highly scalable web applications. Both the technologies will have its pros and cons. But in the recent times, with the increase in demand of highly scalable …

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