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Big data technology is transforming society and businesses and helping researchers create an exciting new world for future generations. Information technology specialists use big data systems to sift through enormous amounts of information, revealing in-depth insights about human behavior. Health care researchers use this information to better understand how daily life impacts individuals. At the same time, consumers must cope with an increasing barrage of information. In fact, research shows that information overload poses a serious threat to public health.

Big data systems are becoming a part of everyday business and improving commerce as well as the quality of life for consumers. However, some researchers worry that an abundance of information has led to increased stress among the population. For example, a recent study about how students rely on up-to-date information to relieve concerns revealed that too much input often does more harm than good.

Give Yourself a Break

It’s vitally important that people take the time to mind their health and unplug when needed. This helps individuals maintain a healthy work-life balance and cope with the daily stresses of life. One easy way to relieve stress is to unplug by taking a daily technology break. By taking an hour or two away …

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