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Data is everywhere; it can give both an accurate insight and the fog of visibility at the same time. Over recent years, streaming data technologies has become the latest norm whether it’s through the internet of things (IoT), Mobile and Big Data Pipelines. Several businesses are found struggling to put better data management practices.

Unrelenting pressure from non-traditional players is seen driving organizations transform themselves digitally. Generating massive amounts of data from new sources is no longer a luxury; it has become a necessity Right from customer information to financial transaction, product and service purchase histories, customer journeys, marketing campaigns, service inquiries, market feeds, social media streams, Internet of Things (IoT) streams, software logs, and text messages (including emails and SMS), plus those newer sources, companies require capturing it all.

Although the data management landscape seems to have evolved in 2018, in 2019 it will be even more transformative. Let me show you why!

#1 Data protection and Data transparency

With increasing strong demands from end consumers, enterprises are seen accommodating improved data protection across platforms, social media channels, cloud applications and more. Day in day out, demand for transparency seem to have increased regarding how data is collected, aggregated and shared. To …

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