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So you’re planning a MongoDB database for your business (or you already have one), and you’re hunting for hosting. What are you looking for, exactly? How will you know when you’ve found the right host? Choose poorly, and you’ll sabotage your future efforts in a big way, but choose smartly, and you’ll have a supportive partner to help you grow.

Well, have no fear — in this piece, we’re going to review what makes MongoDB different, explain what makes hosting so important, cover the specific MongoDB hosting elements you need to investigate and give you a clear indication of how to proceed. Let’s get started – how to choose the best MongoDB hosting for your business.

What makes MongoDB different?

There are many different viable approaches to data storage and management in the business world, but the most common option for holding and sorting data is some form of relational database. A relational database links fields together by primary and secondary keys, avoiding redundancies and maintaining a rigid structure — something that works well in many cases, but certainly not all of them.

MongoDB, however, is a non-relational database. Through storing data in flexible files associated with objects (instead of tables or fields), it’s massively stronger for …

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