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Choosing the right fit for the data science team can be a challenging task since the field is still recent and many businesses are still trying to identify what a data scientist should offer. Also, putting together a complete team of data science is not a cakewalk.  That’s why we’ve come up with the best tips in this blog post to make the entire process easier for you. 

Choose the Right People

What roles need to be filled in when building a team for data science?  You will need to have a team of data science professionals who can work on large datasets and can understand the theory behind the science.  Also, they should be adept at developing predictive models. Data software developers and data engineers are important, too. They need to understand the data infrastructure and architecture, and distributed programming. 

Some of the other important job roles that need to be filled in a data science team include full-stack developer, data platform administrator, data solutions architect, and designer. Those business enterprises that have large teams working on building products based on real-time data will need to hire product managers on the team because they can lead the team up the right …

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