How these 6 Industries Can Be Transformed through Blockchain Technology

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by Yuvrajsinh Vaghela, a Growth Strategist at Space-O Technologies, leading mobile app development company


These days, you might be hearing a lot about blockchain technology.


And you must have some questions in your mind like what is blockchain technology? How is this technology useful for different industries? How will it impact on your business?

Having these questions in mind is extremely common because this high-end technology has created a buzzword in the market.

Currently, banking and payments are not the only industries that can be affected by blockchain tech. Law enforcement, entertainment, education, stock trading, charity, etc. are some of the different industries that also could be transformed with blockchain technology.

According to Anirban Bose, a Global Head of Banking and Financial Services, Blockchain is a game-changer in the industry and there are no financial service firms that can afford to ignore this technology.

The existence of Bitcoin as a decentralized digital currency is only possible because of blockchain technology and mainly a public ledger, which securely and automatically verifies and records a high-volume of transactions digitally.

Gradually, number of entrepreneurs are believing that various industries can be easily disrupted using Blockchain technology. Even, there are various business use cases for transactions, which are verified and organized by a decentralized platform, which requires no central supervision.

Let’s look at the different …

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