How the Internet of Things Could Change the Fashion Industry

Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly but indisputably changing all the aspects of the fashion industry. This includes smart clothes, engaging and interactive customer experience, combining fashion and health, wearable technology and generating power through solar cells or kinetic energy. The possibilities are truly endless as this technology is being implemented in our daily clothing items providing us with many benefits even outside the fashion world.

Health benefits

Probably one of the most significant contributions our society can notice in the fashion industry is health-related. Smart clothing has an enormous potential to monitor and measure the health of a person who is wearing these items. We’ve already scratched the surface with smartwatches which are able to measure heart rate and diabetes, detect a seizure, help with posture, and so much more. Besides accessories, some fashion brands have focused on developing lines of smart clothes that will include an ECG and heart rate sensor. The smart clothing will send this data to smartphones through an app which will then help you to analyze your health and seek medical advice if needed.

Retail space customization

The power of the IoT can even create a unique shopping experience for customers. In other words, the physical retail experience …

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