How Quantum Computers Will Revolutionize Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

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It goes without saying that we are living in a digital age. Technology has drastically changed the way we carry out our day to day activities. Currently, computers produce large volumes of data most of which is fed to open-source streaming platforms such as Apache Kafka, data banks, and social media platforms. Although computers are at the peak of their data processing power, the amount of data keeps growing.

The situation has spawned a race among competing firms to launch a suitable quantum computer, which is more powerful than current computers. This computer will have the ability to process the large volumes of data that we generate every day at a faster rate besides solving increasingly complex problems. The main talking point of this mini digital revolution is how it will influence big data and artificial intelligence.

The Role of Quantum Computers in Artificial Intelligence

Previously, it was possible to key in big data problems to desktop computers. Nonetheless, it is becoming harder to crunch larger volumes of data into computers that we currently use. Quantum computers come with advanced algorithms that cannot fit into the memory of traditional computers. This means that addressing storage capacity challenges that come with big data and …

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