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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a giant in the tech industry and is transforming the workforce as we know it in all kinds of ways. Everything from transportation manufacturers to home appliance companies is using machine learning to streamline everyday activities.

Less publicized, however, is the entertainment industry, which is gaining ground that they previously lost to streaming services by using AI and similar technology to their advantage. They have learned to adapt to this technology, and are revolutionizing their marketing to bring viewers into theater seats. As a matter of fact, there are a number of film studios that are experimenting with AI. Notably, movie theaters have taken this opportunity to physically bring people to their theaters rather than count them lost. The movie theater isn’t dead — it’s just transforming, and it’s doing this with the help of AI.

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A large appeal for the use of AI in movie marketing is personalization, which isn’t too surprising. AI really shines in analytics and compiling data about customer decisions and trends, so it’s natural that a giant industry like the film industry would utilize it to understand and communicate with their customers. The change from previous forms of movie marketing, however, …

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