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We really are in the midst of a data revolution. With a huge amount of data being generated every day, organizations in the current world are encircled left, right, and center by data and the analytic tools that are required for handling it. Leveraging this data has given companies unprecedented insights into different customer preferences and how they can cater to these needs. So, with all the emphasis on data and the capabilities it holds in the current world, should there be a question regarding data ethics?

Recently, I got a chance to attend Sapphire by SAP. At the occasion, I was asked to moderate the International Society of Chief Data Officers event along with Franz Faerber, Executive Vice President at SAP, and Michael Servaes, Executive Director, International Society of Chief Data Officers. The event was graced by some very knowledgeable attendees, who shed light on the importance of data ethics, and what the way forward is.

Speaking at the event, I talked about the different uses of data in place within the world today, and how that shapes our present and our future. Most of the companies today are not competing with their competitors anymore, but they are now up against the bar that …

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