How can Blockchain Revolutionise Mobile App Security?

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Have you heard of Blockchain? That’s already an obsolete question for many of us who closely followed the way data-centric security measures have evolved in the past few years. Yes, you have guessed it right. The blockchain is about data and is also about security. The blockchain is also about collaboration and transaction.

But Blockchain is never a server full of data locked to prevent any unwanted access. With Blockchain the opposite is the case. An open for all database that cannot be rewritten or tampered while remaining open for any subsequent addition, that’s Blockchain for you.

But what relation does it have with mobility and app market? As envisaged from the core competence of Blockchain, it can safeguard data from any misuse or tampering while making it always accessible for all.

It all started with the cryptocurrency called Bitcoin followed by its popularity in the financial sector as a high-tech measure to protect transaction and finally, it is knocking the door of mobile apps. Yes, with such promising features for data protection Blockchain can well revolutionise the mobile app security.

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