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From its humble beginnings with bitcoin, blockchain has morphed into a technology that has the potential to affect nearly every industry from banking to online publishing. At, we also see the enormous potential of blockchain, which is why we are developing a decentralised collaboration platform that will offer solutions to fake news, clickbait and plagiarism. There are several ways blockchain can solve problems such as plagiarism and spam, let’s see how blockchain will dramatically improve content as we know it since the ripple effects of blockchain are just beginning to be felt.

Problems with Existing Content

Ever since the first online article or video was published, there have been a plethora of problems that content creators face, no matter how secure or professional the sites may be. Almost any content creator has experienced their content being copied or ripped by others, without their consent. Also, since the start of Trump’s Presidency, fake news is, unfortunately, the new normal. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, even medical journals are now experiencing problems with fake news. The open-access system of allowing the internet to distribute high-quality research to a wider audience has allowed unreliable content into the mix.

Spam also remains a problem, since people keep …

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