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Big data and the Internet of Things are transforming industries everywhere, and aviation is no exception. This is not surprising when one considers the millions of flights which occur every year, the numerous variables which airlines have to consider, as well as the thin margins they make per passenger. Any small steps they can implement to become more efficient could have major ramifications in lowering costs, increasing passenger thoroughfare through airports, and offering a better customer experience.

Those airlines who can adapt the fastest to changing technology will thrive, while those who stay stuck in the old ways will fall behind. Here are some examples of Big Data uses in aviation and why airlines should begin using more data scientists and technology.

Data, data everywhere

There are broadly two areas where airlines want to collect as much data as possible. The first area is the customer. Businesses these days are determined to offer a personalized experience where the customers know that their individual needs are being taken care of, but this may seem impossible for a business which manages at least tens of thousands of customers per day. But big data lets airlines focus on each individual customer, selling products which specifically cater …

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