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Big data is becoming even more important for businesses, in practically all areas of business development and management. By the end of 2017, 53 percent of companies were either using or intending to use big data for major decisions, with increased representation in telecom and financial services industries.

But data isn’t just about making more accurate financial projections or understanding how your customers are using your products; it’s also about understanding the best way to reach and communicate with your customer base.

The prevalence and prioritization of data is already starting to reshape brand messages, and that transformation is only going to get more pronounced from here.

High-Level Trends

Data is starting to redefine the most important concepts, priorities, and strategies for an overarching campaign:

The role of analysis. Marketing departments that were once flush with creative types and visionaries are now bringing in more data analysts—a position that’s experiencing high growth over the past few years. Data analysis is becoming more crucial for success, and businesses are recognizing it by rebalancing their teams and bringing in the experts capable of asking the right questions.
Audience targeting. Data is also helping companies recognize who their “real” target audience is, and what that audience likes to see. …

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