How Big Data Can be Used for Social Good

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In almost every industry these days, big data is one of the most critical components of progress and growth. This is true of big business, like Amazon, but it is also true in the world of an industry that works towards social good.

Today we will examine a few social service applications that prove big data is for more than just the fortune five hundred companies of the world. Read on for a list of ways that big data can be used for social betterment.

How Data Can Improve Non-profit Performance

The world of a non-profit is benefitting immensely from the use of big data. The fact of the matter is that non-profits benefit internally from big data collection the same way that the big companies do.

The collection and analyses of data allow for several things to happen in the world of the non-profit. First, the organization is able to analyze the performance of their company and their staff (limited though it probably is) in the present tense.

Once they understand what performance goals they are meeting, and which they are not, it becomes a good deal easier to make plans for future productivity and accomplishment goals.

What comes out of this is an improved …

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